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THINK SAVVY has been aware that there are several entrenched factors that inhibit the occurrence of proactive, methodical risk assessment. This is underpinned by 5 critical attributes;

‘What gets measured gets done’,

‘We fix what we find’,

‘People are the problem’,

‘People process information differently’, and

We want the ‘shortest point’ to the result.

Countries and cultures, vary significantly in how these elements manifest in their operational environments.

 We want to empower all people in their workplace, and enable them with the capacity to problem solve, in real-time with each other.

5Cubed empowers people to have structured conversations around their everyday challenges.

The foundational elements of 5Cubed rests upon the merits of consultation, collaboration and communication. 5Cubed is a simple analysis tool and methodology, that is used by anyone solving a problem, or leading a task. The application of simple risk assessment principles in the work environment, is a crucial to get things done…

5Cubed is intended for use by people working in all sorts of operations, where decisions are made ‘on the fly’, and with others by:

  • Take 5 minutes,
  • Apply 5-step Risk Assessment process,
  • Use 5 effective communication tools

5Cubed applies to all industries! Are you involved in Agile software development, or have staff that are going to remote or underdeveloped locations? A Site Supervisor on a construction site or doing some maintenance process re-engineering on an oil platform? Are you an Executive Housekeeper or a digital specialist?

We want you to THINK SAVVY! To find out how 5Cubed can apply to your industry, invite us to come and learn about your organisation so we can better understand your priorities