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Some organisations recognise that consistent high performing safety culture delivers significant economic benefit. However, many organisations view this with scepticism. This is hardly surprising. Sometimes safety can get caught up in the ‘elevation of the trivial’ and mindless repetition.

What gets measured gets done and we fix what we find. However, does finding risks at your workplace, cause you to feel frustration rather than triumph? You know someone might get hurt, but does this mean endless paperwork, briefing meetings and tool box talks? To reduce ‘the effort’ do you increase your sanctions to try and ‘drive’ workplace safety? Why are you drowning in compliance activity?

Insanity: Is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. – Albert Einstein

We need to apply the fresh perspective that essentially, people don’t come to work every day with the intent of doing their job badly. When there are bad outcomes we need to look beyond the individual and look at the conditions in which they were working at the time.  But this is easier said than done.

Feel like you are on a mouse wheel of safety? Want to step off and really engage your workforce and contractors in reducing risks and increasing your productivity? We know exactly how this looks and feels. This is why we have access to a range of great technologies and developed 5Cubed! Why not get in touch and let THINK SAVVY come and learn about your specific goals and bring you a fresh perspective around workplace safety.