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Samantha Woodward is the inspiration behind THINK SAVVY. She has 21 years commercial and consulting experience and has consulted to companies in Australia and internationally. Her entrepreneurship has also taken her to the UAE.

Samantha has a range of qualifications and expertise that bring a rare insight to the table. Naturally looking for possibilities to bring disparate and separate concepts and/or product(s) together, Samantha is in her element, always looking to increase their power and application whilst bringing new dynamic solutions to the market.

One of Samantha’s success differentiators, is her ability to re-align organisations to create and/or implement their strategy and vision for improvement.

Samantha Woodward

Samantha Woodward

Founder, CEO

She has been engaged to provide strategic advice to Boards and Senior Management teams regarding complex risk and compliance exposures. Other achievements include the extensive coaching and mentoring of Senior stakeholders and their direct reports, to elevate performance, engagement and operational effectiveness. She has devised and delivered a mentoring program for a corporate client’s national audit team.

This is achieved by applying stakeholder management techniques and implementing projects that sustain organisational change and reduce operational risk profiles. Further seeing herself as a change agent, she has successfully applied her influencing skills to alter perceptions concerning the relevance of profit protection activity to achieve legislative compliance, cost containment and business optimisation.

In essence, she is a strategist, innovator and mentor whose strengths are: empowerment through savvy problem solving, lateral thinking, research, innovation and reflection. For Samantha, it’s as much about the journey with you, as it is about the destination. Her philosophy is based on the idea that we need to enjoy the journey, otherwise the focus, energy, determination and excitement required to reach the destination, will quickly fade.

Samantha has experience in:

  • Business Development
  • Strategy
  • Audit
  • General Management
  • Systems’ and Process Re-engineering
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Project
  • Risk Management