Strategy, Innovation and Technology.

We don’t assume anything, so we will collaborate with you to evaluate and scope your need by using appropriate analysis and insight. Think Savvy utilise our digital consulting solutions to ensure consistency and visibility. We know you industry and have developed our solutions based on our own industry knowledge.

Business Optimisation

Diagnostic Services
Think Savvy applies a range of diagnostic services to analyse, define and provide granular scope to compliance challenges that your organisation is seeking assistance to solve. We do this as a foundational aspect of your business optimisation journey.

Process Re-engineering
Think Savvy likes to assist when organisations are undertaking process reengineering activities. This is where we look for the innovation opportunity. We capture innovative ideas, whilst liaising with key stakeholders, to achieve exciting, innovative and compliant solutions that reduce effort.

Systems Integration
Think Savvy knows the important significance of effective systems integration activity. Increase cost savings and enhance productivity by integrating our software solutions. If your organisation has current systems and technologies that are effective, but are looking to further increase your capability, then Think Savvy wants to enhance those, by integrating our solutions seamlessly with yours.

Organisational Culture
In the compliance environment, Think Savvy knows that organisational culture – incorporating the aspects of leadership and workforce engagement, becomes pivotal when delivering outcomes that drive increased commercial performance. 

Management Systems

Our projects have included diverse engagements to analyse, evaluate and audit the viability of stand-alone and integrated business systems. This includes comprehensive development and implementation of standards Safety – (AS\NZS 4801:2001 and OHSAS 18001), Environmental like (ISO 14001), Quality – (ISO 9001 Quality management systems -requirements) and (ISO 10006 Quality management systems – Guidelines for quality management in projects).

Think Savvy understand the philosophy and requirements of management systems and their associated standards, including the relevant application of your local, industry-centric, and international requirements. We have seen organisations become hamstrung and bound up with unnecessary complexity, when trying to navigate this environment.

If you would like your organisation to further understand how to unlock the benefits of using external standards, why not get in contact with us and have one of our experts come and learn about your requirements?